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Issuers, investment institutions operating in accordance with the law, central clearing institutions and other institutions recommended by MKK and accepted by the capital markets board are eligible for MKK membership.


Membership Criteria:

Prospective member institutions should;

           ·         Have the technical hardware and security system specified by MKK,

           ·         Employ adequate number of personnel,

           ·         Pay the membership entrance fee,

           ·         Fulfill other conditions set by the MKK Board of Directors and authorized by the Capital Markets Board.


In addition to the conditions that are stated above,


·         Investment institutions are obliged to be authorized to provide investment services provided by law and custodian services as part of their operations.

·         Issuers are obliged to have issued or applied to issue capital market instruments to Capital Markets Board.

·         Licensed warehouses and authorized experts for product classification are obliged to possess license certificate provided by Ministry of Customs and Trade.


Membership Application Procedures

Institutions that fulfill the criteria stated above should apply for membership with the documents that are included in the “required documents for membership” section of the MKK Operations and Procedures Rulebook.


Guide Books

 You can reach the guide books here.