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Issuer Services

  • Issuance

Issuers can issue dematerialised capital market instruments electronically through the MKK system, on the precondition that the instruments are registered with the Capital Markets Board. MKK provides specific applications for securities transfers in operations such as public offerings and private placements.

  • Ownership Information

MKK participant issuers of stocks can receive information on their shareholders unless a restriction is applied by any investors. The data on shareholders are provided with a seven day lag as per the Capital Markets Board regulations; however up-to-date information can also be provided in case there is a valid reason.

  • Financial and Managerial Corporate Actions Operations

Issuers can conduct many operations like dividend distributions, rights issues, capital decreases and reorganisations electronically by using the applications that are developed by MKK.

MKK operations have completely removed requirements of the physical system such as coupon clipping, gathering, etc.

MKK also provides reporting services with regard to the projected dividend amounts that are going to be paid to issuers before the dividend distribution period.

Furthermore, MKK provides information to issuers about their shareholders who are participating to general assembly meetings by reporting the general blockages applied.