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Central Custody

MKK provides central depository services for the following dematerialised capital market instruments:

  • All floating and non-floating stocks of publicly traded companies,
  • Temporary receipts,
  • Pre-emptive rights,
  • Mutual funds,
  • Exchange traded funds,
  • Corporate bonds,
  • Commercial papers,
  • Bank bills,
  • Bank guaranteed bills,
  • Call warrants,
  • Put warrants,
  • Covered bonds,
  • Asset backed securities,
  • Certificates,
  • Sukuk,

Central depository services are provided only for dematerialised capital market instruments, no physical custody is available.

The securities that are to be dematerialised and kept electronically are determined by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey.

Central custody is done on a beneficial ownership basis through participants. In this respect, investors should open investment accounts in their names at MKK participant intermediary institutions in order to invest in capital market instruments. Holders of mutual funds, private sector debt instruments and non-floating parts of on-exchange traded stocks can open accounts with issuers or intermediary institutions while custody of other capital market instruments is only possible through accounts opened at intermediary institutions only.

According to the legislation, collective custody without opening an account on behalf of investors or for bearers without declaring identities of investors is not available.

As a part of central depository services, participants and owners of capital market instruments can benefit from services such as dividend distributions and redemptions, rights issues, participation to general assembly meetings, pledges etc.