The documents required to be submitted by the institutions that are expected to become members in order to use the central custody institution service provided for the registered securities within the scope of the Capital Markets Law and to benefit from our other services are presented below.


The application documents that you submit to MKK should be prepared by considering the issues specified in our Member Letters numbered 705 and 75. The original versions of the documents must be submitted to MKK. 


CDS (Central Dematerialised System) Membership Operations

Prospective member institutions should;

  • Have the technical equipment and security system determined by MKK,
  • Employ sufficient number of employee,
  • Deposit the membership entrance fee,
  • Fulfill other conditions set by the MKK Board of Directors.

In addition to the following conditions,

  • Investment institutions must be authorized to provide custody services within framework of the investment services which are specified in the Law.
  • Issuers are obliged to have issued or applied to issue capital market instruments to the Capital Markets Board.
  • Licensed warehouses and authorized classifiers are obliged to have the certificate issued by Ministry of Customs and Trade.

The following documents must be submitted for membership registration:

  • Membership Application Form
  • Membership Agreement
  • Representative Information Form or an authorization document indicating that operations will be carried out indirectly and continuosly through an MKK member representative
  • Valid authorized signatures list
  • Membership fee receipt


PDP (Public Disclosure Platform) Membership Operations


1) The instutions/organizations responsible for PDP notifications (excluding funds) should submit the following documents in their membership application processes:

  • Membership Application Form
  • Membership Agreement
  • Representative Information Document
  • Valid authorized signatures list
  • PDP Membership Agreement (if PDP membership will be established)

In the case where publicly traded foreign companies that are subject to notification requirements assign third parties or employees of these third parties according to service agreements, a notarized copy of the Board of Directors Decision 1 related to the Certificate User/Certificate Manager shall be submitted.


2) The following documents should be submitted by the founder / representative for PDP Membership applications of funds.

  • Membership Application Form
  • Membership Agreement
  • Representative Information Form
  • Valid authorized signatures list
  • PDP Membership Agreement only if PDP membership will be established 

In case where the fund personnel, employees of the company that is the fund manager, and employees of the intermediary institutions assigned to provide contractual fund services to the fund, a notarized copy of the Board of Directors' Decision 2 shall be submitted.

The authorized signatures list must belong to the founder / fund representative.


The information about the investment fund is also sent to in the format requested.


e-TRADE REPOSITORY (Electronic Trade Repository) Membership Operations

According to the Communiqué No: 30540 dated 19.09.2018 on Principles Regarding Reporting to Trade Repository Institutions; legal entities including investment institutions, asset management companies, central counterparties and other financial institutions are obliged to report all the information on derivative transactions performed on-exchange and over-the-counter markets to the e-VEDO Platform.


The following documents are required for e-VEDO membership.

  • Membership Application Form
  • e-TRADE REPOSITORY Membership Agreement
  • Valid authorized signatures list


e-GEM (Electronic General Meeting System) Membership Operations


It is mandatory under the Article 1527 of the Turkish Commercial Code for Borsa Istanbul listed companies to provide a system which enables their shareholders to attend general meetings through electronic means. Please fill out the Membership Application Form and Representative Information Form to access the e-GEM system.


e-COMPANY (Companies Information Portal) Membership Operations


According to the Article No. 1524 of the Turkish Commercial Code, joint stock companies are required to open web sites and disclose stated information and documents on those web sites. The members of our organization can fulfill these obligations by receiving central database service (e-Company: Companies Information Portal) from our organization. Membership Application Form and Representative Information Form should be filled out for your company’s access to the e-COMPANY system.



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