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Account Operations

Investor accounts are opened by participants in the CDS. Investor account opening process in CDS is comprised of the following steps; defining accounts under participants and delivering identity information of the accounts defined. A unique investor registry number is generated automatically for every investor upon completion of these steps. After the integration established with the related departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Finance, uniqueness of investor registry numbers that are generated for every investor is enabled with the maintenance of online monitoring of Republic of Turkey ID numbers and Tax ID numbers through the system.

The accounts, which are opened by banks and brokerage houses for their clients who want to buy capital market instruments, are also opened in our institution.

From the beginning of the dematerialization process began in 2005, over 38 million accounts for 21 million investors are opened in our institution. Among these accounts, 3.5 million investors have 4.5 million of accounts with a balance.

Following the participants’ completion of the online integration process in 2011, the technical infrastructure allowing participants to transmit accounts that are going to be opened and IDs that are going to be defined in their organizations to CDS was introduced.

Financial Accounts Center

MKK became a member of the online integrated system between Takasbank and TURKDEX, established for the purpose of monitoring derivatives market risk at the investor level, as a “Central Account Opening Center” in 2011. In order to provide investors who are going to trade at various markets with a unique registry number, CMB determined our institution as an “Account Opening Center”. In this regard, it is provided that the accounts are needed to be opened first at our institution, prior to the opening of accounts at Takasbank for the purpose of trading in TURKDEX and system setups have been made accordingly by both of the institutions for themselves to use the same registry number. To this end, our institution became Turkey’s “Financial Accounts Center”.