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e-WAREHOUSE: Electronic Warehouse Receipt Center

In accordance with the provisions of the Agricultural Products Licensed Warehouse Act. No. 5300 and the e-Warehouse Receipt Regulation which is based on this Act, MKK is designated as Electronic Registry Agency by the Ministry of Customs and Trade for keeping of records on electronic warehouse receipts.

With the new regulation, electronic warehouse receipt will be created on behalf of the farmer or any institution that delivers products to a warehouse licensed by the Ministry of Customs and Trade. The records, which are considered as valuable papers, and rights attached on products , will be held in the MKK system (Central Dematerialized System – CDS) as electronic book-entry records.

What are the advantages of e-WAREHOUSE

  • Trade of agricultural products will become easier.

  • Operations will be conducted in a safe, prompt and effective manner.

  • Owners of products will have the ability to control and receive continuous notifications.

  • By means of the systematic operation, use of products as collateral will be easier and therefore farmers will meet their need of cash easily.

Transition of your product into e-WAREHOUSE

  • First, you must have an account in your name at an intermediary institution (brokerage house or bank.)

  • You must define your e-MKK Information Portal membership by clicking the"Membership Signup"option below, in order to view the warehouse receipts to be created through MKK.

  • When you will deliver your product to a warehouse licensed by the Ministry of Customs and Trade, you must first inform the intermediary institution with which you have an account, and on the condition that the institution acknowledges, you must provide your institution and account information to the warehouse.

  • After the controls and analyses conducted by the warehouse, the electronic warehouse receipt which is identical to the delivered product will be transferred to your account.

  • By means of your e-MKK Information Portal membership, you will receive a message about product creation on your phone.

  • Moreover, you will receive a certificate from the warehouse proving issuance of the electronic warehouse receipt.

Membership signup click here.