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e-Governance: Corporate Management and Investor Relations Portal

What is e-Governance?

Mobile Corporate Governance is the name of the process resulted from achieving the highest level of democracy on technological infrastructure, established between companies and shareholders through internet, electronic communication applications (e-mail, SMS, etc.) and with its mobile applications based communication and information sharing capabilities, without having any physical limitations, giving an ability to meet corporate governance principles requirements promptly and efficiently, as well as enabling shareholders to get involved more closely and directly in the company decision making processes and company management.

Mobile Corporate Governance is an electronic company management process based on continuous information exchange between companies and shareholders through web/portal, electronic communication applications and mobile applications; starts with the online distribution of company announcements to its actual or potential shareholders, no matter where they are in the world, constrained with the technological possibilities and ends with getting consent or opinion of the shareholders on company management related issues and taking their votes for general assembly meetings.

E-Governance: Corporate Management and Investor Relations Portal (e-Governance Portal) is a Mobile Corporate Management application. E-Governance portal establishes prompt, continual, reliable and direct information exchange between companies and shareholders through the internet, electronic communication and mobile applications. Through the portal, companies will be able to reach their shareholders directly and investors will have easy access to information on companies in an outright manner. It is possible to maintain a communication link between companies and their shareholders from a single point by the help of the e-Governance Portal, enabling all capital market actors, companies and shareholders to interact with each other promptly. Companies will be able to distribute surveys to their current or potential shareholders and maintain information exchange via internet, e-mail and SMS. It will also be possible to hold online investor meetings, electronic board meetings, and general assembly meetings and conduct electronic voting and proxy voting over the e-Governance platform. As a result of this, a new dimension will be added to our national corporate management applications.


Registry system in Turkey has come to a place where millions of physical certificates are transferred to electronic environment, and not only beneficial ownership, contact and identification details of millions of investor are kept online, but also issuers of capital market instruments and investors are directly linked to. It is foreseen that just like the e-Governance portal of Turkey, it will be a benchmarking model for other CSDs that are also performing registry process on beneficial owner basis and keeping online information on shareholders. By the help of e-Governance Portal, it is expected that the improvements in Corporate Governance Principles in Turkey will accelerate in parallel with the OECD Corporate Governance Principles; “Shareholders' Rights and Fundamental Property Functions, Equal Treatment of Shareholders and Public Disclosure and Transparency”.

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