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e-DATA: Capital Markets Data Bank

Capital Markets Data Bank Project aims to gather, analyze, model and present all data concerning our financial markets, particularly detailed data on investors and securities kept in the Central Dematerialization System (CDS) and in e-MKK Information Portal from a single source to make such data available to regulatory and supervisory bodies and other governmental institutions to be used in decision-making mechanisms as well as to rating agencies in their analyses of the Turkish capital market and to academic environment. Another aspect of this project will be the distribution of all data produced in the Turkish capital markets through MKK in a secure, consistent and correct manner.

Besides its secondary goal of establishment and presentation of an electronic securities database for the securities issued in Turkish capital markets compliant with the international standards, the project’s end goal is to become the single data source for all capital markets as well as to provide services in analysis of data, creation of econometric models and distribution of financial information in international standards. Moreover, establishment of indices such as Investor Risk Appetite Index, development of financial indicators and distribution of these data through the portal, and publication of all studies as articles in national and international journals are also within the project’s scope.

MKK data under e-DATA services is being prepared for data vendors, members with report requests other than operational use and academicians.

MKK Data For Data Vendors        

As of 1 April 2015, MKK and PDP data are being delivered by Borsa Istanbul according to the “Borsa Istanbul - MKK – Takasbank Data Distribution Cooperation Agreement” which has been signed by MKK, Borsa İstanbul and Takasbank on  22 December 2014.

For applications to the data packages which include MKK and PDP as well, please contact at

MKK Data for Academic Purposes and for Members

For data requests for academic purposes and member use please contact at