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e-COMPANY: Companies Information Portal

According to the Article No. 1524 of the new Turkish Commercial Law which has been effective by July 2012 joint stock companies are required to open web sites and disclose stated information and documents on those web sites.

The company information portal that has been developed based on the legally required information and documents to be disclosed by hundreds of thousands of companies integrates with company web sites. MKK develops the project to enable companies to publish information and documents initially on the e-Company portal, to integrate those information and documents with company web sites, to provide required security levels, to enable access from a single source and consistency, and to establish data transmission to the Central Registry Number System (MERSIS) infrastructure. In this way, all documents that companies are required to publish on their web sites are gathered in a single center and presentation of data and information on all companies in Turkey on specific criteria is provided in a safe manner.

The portal has been in effect since October 2013 with the completion of software development stage following the regulations of the Ministry of Customs and Commerce.