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e-CAS: Investor Notification and Alert System

e-CAS: Investor Notification and Blokage

Records on capital market instruments are held on a beneficiary owner basis at MKK. Investors can receive information and perform specific functions on their portfolios with their MKK Registry Number and Password, Republic of Turkey ID Number and MKK Password or e-GOVERNMENT Password.

Information on portfolio status and account movements are provided through, “automatic notification” of investors on account movements, latest portfolio status and account statements, and “standard notification” of investors about information on their accounts.

Moreover, investor can apply investor blockages on their securities to restrict participant institution transactions on their own accounts.

Besides e-MKK Information Portal, investor notification and blockage services are provided through the following means;

  • MKK Call Center – (444 0 655) Voice Response System / Call Center
  • e-mail and SMS (2655)

MKK Call Center

Investors, by using their MKK registry numbers and passwords, can reach MKK Call Center from anywhere in Turkey without dialing an area code, by calling 444 0 655 (444 0 MKK). Investors are provided with standard information and investors blockage services through the call center. Furthermore, call center personnel can provide assistance to investors in using interactive voice response system.


Provided that the necessary preferences are made through e-MKK Information Portal and the service is enabled, e-RPS provides monthly delivery of information on securities in all investor accounts opened in the MKK system, information on account movements and MKK fees reports through e-mail.

e-CAS: Investor Notification