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What is e-MKK?

e-MKK is an information portal through which MKK will provide value-added services with respect to its new vision of  developing central depository services in world standards, provision of these services at lower costs to its stakeholders, and at the same time, fostering the economic development of our country by creating value-added projects and services. e-MKK Information Portal includes services through e-CAS: Investor Notification and Alert System; e-GOVERNANCE: Corporate Governance and Investor Relations, e-GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Electronic General Assembly System; and e-DATA: Capital Markets Data Bank. Real persons who are not investors can register to the portal by their e-mail addresses. In order for investors to benefit from the e-MKK Information Portal they should have;

  • MKK Registry Number and Password or
  • The Republic of Turkey ID Number and MKK Password

MKK Registry Number and Password

MKK creates a unique registry number for every investor and provides investor services regarding investor portfolios by gathering information on all investor accounts in different institutions by this registry number.

In order for investors to benefit from the services offered by MKK they need to have their registry number and password. Following the creation of registry numbers, a letter containing the registry number and password is mailed to investors if:

  • an investor performs any transactions in stocks, corporate debt instruments, government debt securities, structural instruments, e-warehouse receipt  or other financial instruments,
  • an investor has mutual fund shares with a value of at least TRY 10.000 in his/her investment accounts,

Even if the cases above do not occur, investors can receive their passwords by making a request to any MKK participant intermediary institution which holds their investment accounts.

Investors whose MKK passwords are blocked should reactivate their MKK passwords by calling the MKK Call Center (444 0 655).

The Republic of Turkey ID Number and MKK Password

Real person investors can access to the e-MKK Information Portal with their ID numbers in case they forget or lose their MKK Registry Numbers.


An integration was established with the e-GOVERNMENT system that provides uninterrupted access to the MKK Call Center Voice Response System and e-MKK Information Portal for investors who have e-GOVERNMENT passwords.

Furthermore, investors can create their new registry numbers and passwords on e-MKK Information Portal without contacting their intermediary institutions or waiting for mail deliveries.

Besides using e-GOVERNMENT passwords, investors can also perform operations on e-MKK Information Portal by using their electronic and mobile signatures.