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Public Disclosure Platform

Public Disclosure Platform (PDP) is an electronic system through which electronically signed notifications required by the capital markets and Borsa Istanbul regulations are publicly disclosed. 

Within the framework of Capital Markets Board of Turkey's (CMB) 'Communiqué Regarding Principles of Submitting Electronically Signed Information, Documents and Notifications to the Public Disclosure Platform', all information and documents to be publicly disclosed must be sent to the PDP. The system is operated and managed by the MKK-Depository Operations and Services Department on a 7/24 basis. The system covers over 760 companies, over 740 funds and 3.000 users all over Turkey.

The system is designed to allow everyone to have access to correct, timely, fair and complete information about the Borsa Istanbul companies, over the world wide web simultaneously and at low costs. Furthermore, PDP serves as an electronic archive which allows easy and low-cost access to historical information.

Notifications are submitted to PDP through electronic certificates. Therefore, companies are responsible for keeping a sufficient quantity of valid electronic certificates to allow uninterrupted flow of notifications. Prior to applying the CMB for an initial public offering or for the initial registration of participation certificates, companies or exchange traded funds (ETFs) must apply the electronic certificate provider for electronic certificates. Electronic certificates are a prerequisite for listing / trading on the Borsa Istanbul.

In addition to Borsa Istanbul companies and ETFs, investment firms, mutual funds, pension funds, real estate funds, venture capital investment funds and foreign funds may submit notifications to PDP. Independent audit companies, on the other hand, send the electronically signed financial statements for which independent audit is required, to the relevant company electronically in order to be announced to the public.

The system disseminates data on: Also, data vendors and subvendors like websites also disseminate PDP data on a real time basis.