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MKK contributes significantly in various task committees established within the framework of the Istanbul Financial Center Project (IFC) Strategy Paper which came into effect in 2009 and the Action Plan in order to implement international standards and industrial best practices in the Turkish post-trade infrastructure. MKK continues to work as the solely responsible institution in Action No. 49 “Exercise of Dematerialized Shareholder Rights in Electronic Environment” and jointly responsible institution with Takasbank in Action No. 48 “Establishing the Turkish Electronic Fund Trading Platform”. MKK is also a cooperating institution in 22 separate tasks set forth in the Strategy Paper:

  • Action No 15: Reviewing legislation regarding transactions in collaterals and establishing Central Collateralization and Central Counterparty (CCP) system.
  • Action No 16: Classification of financial services within the framework of the European Community acquis and enabling the provision of service packages capable of responding to customer demands by allowing flexibility to financial intermediary institutions.
  • Action No 17: Developing integration with international payment and exchange systems.
  • Action No 18: Facilitating easy exit from the CMB records and the Exchange list.
  • Action No 19: Enabling foreign securities to be traded in domestic markets.
  • Action No 20: Improving the Turkish GDS market.
  • Action No 21: Extending the use of English in order to ensure that foreign investors are properly informed.
  • Action No 22: Informing investors on capital markets, capital market institutions, capital market instruments, systems aimed at protecting investors, risks and similar subjects.
  • Action No 24: Improving securities lending mechanisms.
  • Action No 25: Rendering PSDIs fully functional.
  • Action No 26: Developing local government debt instruments.
  • Action No 27: Developing commercial papers.
  • Action No 28: Developing derivative products.
  • Action No 29: Developing an infrastructure for Islamic debt instruments.
  • Action No 30: Rendering the securitization and housing finance market fully-functional.
  • Action No 34: Establishing commodities exchanges and integrating financial markets and commodities markets.
  • Action No 38: Reducing transaction costs to competitive levels.
  • Action No 39: Increasing liquidity in markets for some securities and developing new financial instruments and activities.
  • Action No 42: Encouraging companies in making public offerings or in increasing free float rates.
  • Action No 47: Establishing a common technology platform.
  • Action No 58: Promoting university-industry cooperation.
  • Action No 70: Launching an internet portal to provide information on financial products, services, the market and its practices and tax regulations.


e-GOVERNANCE: Corporate Governance and Investor Relations Portal

e-GEM: Electronic General Meeting

e-CAS: Investor Notification and Alert System

e-WAREHOUSE RECEIPT: Electronic Warehouse Receipt Center

e-DATA: Capital Markets Data Bank

e-COMPANY: Companies Information Portal
Dematerialization of the Turkish Government Debt Securities
MKK Introduces “SWIFT”

Integration with the National Judiciary Informatics System (UYAP)

Integration with the Central Registry Number System (MERSIS)

PDP 4.0 –Public Disclosure Platform Enhancement Project