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Saraybosna Stock Exchange (SASE)

In parallell to to the vision of Istanbul Financial Center Project, MKK has become a shareholder of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange (SASE) by acquiring 5,0089 % of its equities on 18 May 2011. Following the authorization of the Capital Market Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina in December 2010 that enabled foreign exchanges and other financial instutions to become shareholders of SASE, along with MKK, Borsa Istanbul and Takas Istanbul became shareholders of the Bosnian stock exchange with 9,8878 % and 5,0089 % of its shares respectively.

SASE was established in 2001 as a joint-stock company and commenced trading in 2002. In SASE, a potential-having market which marks out for a promising future within South Europe Capital Markets, 13 intermediary institutions are operating and 533 securities are being traded at. SASE, on which the first IPO has taken place in 2008, is a member to international institutions such as FEAS and FESE.

Capital Markets Licensing and Training Agency of Turkey

Capital Markets Licensing and Training Agency of Turkey was established in accordance with the Article 22 of the Capital Market Law by 16 June 2011. MKK has become a founding shareholder by acquiring 10,5% of the company equities. The core business of the institution is holding examinations in order to assess professional qualification, knowledge and skills of managers and other staff of the institutions which will operate in capital markets and the capital market institutions; licensing of professional qualifications in relevant professions; registering capital market employees; and supervising them.