As the Central Securities Depository of the Turkish capital markets, Merkezi Kayıt Kuruluşu A.Ş. (MKK) provides its members with registration, settlement and custody services. MKK also offers value-added services to member organizations, issuers, investors and all other market participants with systems and platforms that it develops as part of its function as an R&D center and the e-MKK Information Portal that it developed in-house.


 Securities Held in Dematerialized Form at MKK: 


  • Stocks of the companies listed on Borsa Istanbul,
  • Government Debt Securities,
  • Mutual Funds,
  • Exchange-Traded Funds,
  • Private Sector Debt Instruments,
  • Warrants,
  • Real Estate Certificates,
  • Electronic Warehouse Receipts 


Settlement and Custody Services of MKK:


  • Issuance of capital market instruments,
  • Safekeeping of securities on a beneficial owner basis,
  • Central clearing and custody services for securities in dematerialized form,
  • Corporate actions and issuer services,
  • Investor services,
  • Services related to the transactions on the Securities Lending Market and the Electronic Fund Trading Platform of Turkey




Value-Added Services of MKK:


On the e-MKK Information Portal, where value-added services of the MKK are provided:


  • e-CAS (Investor Notification and Alert System)
  • e-GOVERNANCE: Corporate Governance and Investor Relations Portal,
  • e-GEM: Electronic General Meeting System,
  • e-COMPANY: Companies Information Portal,
  • e-WAREHOUSE: Electronic Warehouse Receipts Center,
  • e-TRADE REPOSITORY: Electronic Trade Repository Platform,
  • e-DATA: Capital Markets Data Bank,
  • e-BDS: Electronic Board of Directors System

       are available.


MKK is also the operator of the Public Disclosure Platform (PDP), an electronic system that facilitates the electronic delivery and disclosure of all matters requiring public disclosure as per the Capital Market Law and Stock Exchange regulations.


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